Safara Membership

The way we travel has changed drastically, but the way we book hasn't changed since before Beyoncé went solo. That's crazy, so we're changing things. Every time you book a hotel with us, you earn points towards free travel, more travel, or even better travel.

How the free trial works

  • The membership fee is waived on your first booking

  • There’s no confusing math

    1 Safara Point = $1

    Learn more about Safara Points
  • Become a member to earn points and get free vacations

    Most members will earn over $1,000 per year

  • Membership doesn’t work out? No worries. Make back the membership fee in free travel - guaranteed.

    About the guarantee

You're in control of your points

  • Any Hotel

    Pick from 7000

  • Any time

    No black out dates

  • Always

    No expiration dates

How many points do you want to use?

Use the slider at check-out to spend or save points

Save your pointsUse your points

Your trip was $900

With applied Safara Points your trip total is now:


You will earn an additional 145 SPT on this booking, which you can spend on your next trip

Annual Membership for $195

Most members will earn $1,000+ in points, but if you don’t earn more free travel than the cost of the membership, we’ll refund the difference

FAQ Cheat Sheet

  • What if I can’t find a hotel I want?

    Try searching for it by name. Our entire hotel library, including non-curated hotels, are available by directly searching for the hotel by name.

  • How do your prices compare?

    Our topline rates will be similar or the same to what you find on big bookings sites and the hotel website. When you factor in the points you earn on every booking, our rates win pretty much every time.

  • How do your rewards compare to other sites?

    Our points are the most valuable and flexible in the industry. 1 Safara Point = $1. They never change in value, never expire, or have any fees or restrictions. Use them as you go or save them up. Generally, you will earn 2-5x more in travel value with Safara than anywhere else.

  • Do you have an app?

    It’s coming soon!

  • I don't need a hotel, why sign up now?

    We’ve made sure there is no risk and no harm in signing up. We don’t charge your membership fee or start the annual cycle until your first booking as a member. We also have only a handful of Founder Memberships left, which lock in your low membership rate for life.

  • How much do I need to travel for Safara to be worth it?

    Most members have earned more than the membership fee within the first two bookings, and you can start discounting your rates or getting upgrades after your first trip. Our early members are earning $1,000 in free travel a year, on average. If you don’t earn more than the cost of the membership, we’ll refund the difference.

  • I already have travel points with my credit card. Do I need to switch?

    Nope! We love travel credit cards because they’re a great way to double up on points with us, too. Book all of our 7,000+ hotels with your travel credit card, and you’ll earn Safara Points AND your credit card travel points. Most members use Safara points for hotels and travel credit card points for flights.

  • How does this compare to hotels’ loyalty programs?

    Most importantly, with Safara you’re not locked into one hotel brand. You can earn points with an independent boutique hotel in wine country, and use those points at a big chain hotel in Chicago. You will also earn an average of 1.5-2x more travel value in Safara points than with the big chain hotel rewards programs.

  • Will I earn hotel loyalty points like Bonvoy when I book through Safara?

    You will not automatically earn hotel chain loyalty points when booking through Safara. You can ask the hotel to add your rewards when you check-in, but it is not guaranteed.