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It's 2019 and the way we travel has changed drastically, but the way we book hasn't changed since Beyonce went solo. That's crazy, so we're changing things. Every time you book you earn points (that are actually valuable), which means free travel, more travel, or better travel.

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Annual Membership for $150

Most members will earn $1000+ in points, but if you don’t earn more free travel than the cost of the membership, we’ll refund the difference.

Purchase membership now with no risk!

  • You will not be charged for your membership until your first booking.
  • Your annual cycle does not start until your first booking, so there's no rush.
  • If you don't earn more than the cost of your membership, we'll refund the difference.

FAQ cheat sheet

  • Safara Points and how they work

    Every time you book a room you will earn Safara Points (SPT). Each SPT is worth $1. The amount you earn varies between hotels and they are yours to save up or spend. SPT never expire orlose their value, and there are no restrictions on where you can use them. At checkout move your SPT slider to decide how many to use.

  • How we select our hotels

    We know you're super busy - so we've hand-picked up to 100 hotels per city with the right amount of range in price, location, and taste. We've selecte large scale, small scale, boutiques, chains, and even airport hotels - because travel can't always be glamorous, and that's okay. We love hotels, and have spent over a decade professionally traveling the world to find the best ones, for any occasion. If we haven't been there, we consult one of our many travel /Insiders to give us the low down for you. The common "it" factor: we focus on the experience - from local mini-bar items to the fluffiest robes that take the sting out of jetlag, we believe that hotels can have souls- and we find the most creative and best-designed ones for you.

  • How Safara is different from other hotel booking sites

    Every big booking site out there makes money the same way: charging fees that are hidden in the cost of the room. A safara membership allows us to get rid of these fees and give them directly back to our members.

  • Is Safara for business or leisure travel

    Safara was designed for frequent travellers, which likely means a mix of business and personal travel. Most of our members use their work travel to earn Safara Points and free leisure travel. However, Safara points can save businesses money, and make every fun trip a bit more fun since you're no longer paying hidden fees.

  • What else to expect from membership

    This is just the beginning. We are working everyday to make your membership more and more valuable. We have big plans and are excited to share more details soon.

  • How the guarantee works

    We are certain that anyone who regularly stays in hotels will love Safara, so we're putting our money where our mouth is. If you don't earn more than the cost of your membership, we will refund the difference, no questions asked.

  • How the yearly membership works

    As soon as you purchase a membership, you have access to everything Safara offers. We also recognize that you might not need to book a trip for a bit. To make things easy we don't charge your membership fee until your first booking and your membership will renew 1 year after your first booking. So you can purchase a membership today with no risk.

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