How it works

All big hotel booking sites make money the same way: they charge large commissions (as high as 30%!) hidden in the cost of the room. This hurts the people who travel the most and we think those commissions would be better spent in your pocket. Safara is the new way for frequent travelers to get more out of your travel. And If you’re expensing your hotels… that means free trips. Here is how:

  • 1.

    • Become a member

    • Safara is able to give you back 100% of commissions because we are a private membership.

  • 2.

    • Search curated hotels

    • Safara picks the best hotels for all budgets anywhere in the world. You no longer have to sort through thousands of options.

  • 3.

    • Book hotels without pressure

    • The big sites do everything they can to get you to book RIGHT NOW. Why? Because if you don’t, they don’t make money. Safara will never make money on your bookings. We only care about you finding the perfect hotel.

  • 4.

    • Earn points that are actually valuable

    • Wondering how much you’ll earn? A lot. It is a little different for every hotel, but it is always 100% of the commission.

  • 5.

    • 1 Safara Point = $1

    • No changing values, restrictions, or fees.

  • 6.

    • Save or spend

    • Safara points are easy to use, however you like. You can save them up for a big trip, or spend them as you go.

  • 7.

    • Free travel guaranteed

    • Worried you don't travel enough? Don't. If you don't earn more than the cost of your membership, we'll refund you. Pretty sweet, right?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Annual Membership for $195

If you don’t earn more free travel than the cost of the membership, we’ll refund the difference.