• Safara members travel often - earn thousands of points and free trips.

    The big sites charge up to 30% in hidden fees. We like points, not fees, so members earn Safara Points on every booking and there are never hidden fees.

    Membership Deets
  • Safara points are like points, but pointier.

    No expirations, fees, restrictions, or BS. Safara points are easy to understand and easier to use.

How it works

  • Become a Safara Member

  • Book hand-selected hotels

  • Earn Safara points (SPT for short)

  • Use points to book free travel

Most members will earn over 1000 points per year. That’s a lot of free travel.

Which can get you...

Our members travel often, and often travel for free

  • Linus - San Francisco, USA


    San Francisco, USA

    "Genius: My work trips are funding my vacations."

  • Ashley - Los Angeles, USA


    Los Angeles, USA

    "I’m going on 3 free trips this year."

  • Adam - London, UK


    London, UK

    "I earned 200 points on my first booking. Covered the membership, and then some."

Annual Membership for $150

If you don’t earn more free travel than the cost of the membership, we’ll refund the difference.

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