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  • Fair and transparent hotel booking, because it is 2019 and that is how it should be.

    The big sites charge up to 30% and hide the fees in the cost of rooms. We're giving these fees back to you.

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  • Earn thousands in free travel every year

    We convert those hidden fees into Safara Points (each worth $1). They are yours to save or spend on any hotel anytime.

We’ve done the research for you and hand-selected the best hotels

Sometimes you need to stay under budget, and sometimes you just want to splurge. All our hotels have one thing in common: you’ll want to go back.

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  • Become a Safara Member

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  • Earn points (called SPT) worth $1 each

  • Use points to book free travel

Most members will earn over $1000 per year

Which can get you...

Our members travel often, and often travel for free

  • Negar - New York, USA


    New York, USA

    "I’m going to earn $2500 in free travel this year"

  • Ashley - Los Angeles, USA


    Los Angeles, USA

    "It would be crazy for any traveler not to be a Safara member."

  • Adam - London, UK


    London, UK

    "Genius: my business trips are funding my vacations"

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If you don’t earn more free travel than the cost of the membership, we’ll refund the difference.

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